Learn The Right Way To Use Kettlebells With A Wayne Kettlebell Personal Trainer

Kettlebells have become extremely popular as a full body form of exercise. It may because you’re exercising all parts at once so you don’t have to workout as long, compared to working on isolated muscle groups, to get full benefit. Proper use of kettlebells will help you increase your strength without bulking up, which is a plus for many women and men alike. A Wayne kettlebell personal trainer can help you find the right kettlebell and help you with instruction on the proper technique, besides creating routines specifically for your needs and fitness level.

A personal trainer can help you select the right kettlebell for your level of fitness and needs.

Not all kettlebells are alike nor does everyone require the same weight of kettlebell. While there are kettlebells that weigh as little as 2 pounds and as much as 106 pounds, most people require a weight somewhere in between those two numbers. If you use kettlebells that are either too light or too heavy, you won’t develop proper form and can cause injury. Finding a good kettlebell is also difficult unless you know what it should feel like. Some of the cheaper ones have rough handles that can cut your hands. A personal trainer helps you learn how the correct kettlebell should feel and guide you in picking the proper size. Men first starting in kettlebell training usually use around a 30-pound kettle bell and women approximately a 19-20 pound one as an average, but it may be lighter or heavier depending on your fitness level.

Securing expert instruction can help you avoid injury.

You can develop some nasty bumps and bruises if you handle the kettlebell improperly. However, there are other dangers from poorly executed movements, neck injury, injury to the joints and even injury to the back and the spine, which take far longer to heal than a bump or a bruise. You don’t lift kettlebells the same way as traditional weights, so you need professional help and lots of practice to learn the proper method.

Many gyms don’t have kettlebells or anyone who knows how to use them and kettlebell videos can’t identify mistakes in form on your swing, press, snatch or clean or prepare workouts for you.

Even though kettlebells are very old, few gyms have them and even fewer people have the training to help you learn how to use them. Some newbies to kettlebells use videos to help them get started, but they don’t know if they’re truly performing the moves correctly and the video will never tell them if they aren’t. Using a kettlebell personal trainer in Wayne can get you started correctly.
Kettlebells offer full body conditioning while all parts work as one unit, creating synergy.
You get both aerobic and anaerobic conditioning at the same time when you use kettlebells.
Kettlebell training can improve your range of motion, which can enhance your performance not only in daily life, but also athletically.
Learning to work with kettlebells can help you lose weight faster. One study showed the average kettlebell user burned approximately 300 calories for every 15 minutes they exercised. While it’s not a recommendation, you could eat a piece of chocolate cake with frosting and work off the extra calories in about 13 minutes when you train with kettlebells.

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As a physical therapist I have to say I am very pleased with Prime Performance. Jose is knowledgeable in regards to fitness and puts great emphasis on form for optimal performance but also for the safety of clients. The classes are small allowing for more personal attention. All the workouts have different levels and modifications so that a beginner to athlete can participate…no one is left behind!! The workouts change every month, allowing your body to progress within the month, followed by new physical challenges for the next month. As someone who HATES weight training or anything of the sort, I LOVE the workouts! Kettlebells, TRX, burpees, jump squats, push-ups and the prowler have become my BFF’s LOL!! I have been there for only a month but am definitely feeling stronger. I wish I had found Prime sooner!

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