Personal Training

Private and Semi-private training for those who like to work 1 on 1 or in a small group. Get individualized attention and support.

PRIVATE TRAINING: 1 participant :1 trainer

If you’re taking the first steps on your fitness road, or are simply more comfortable in a one-to-one environment, then Private Training is the right choice for you.

Maximized program customization for your exact wants and needs
Highest level of accountability
Address specialized needs not possible in other settings

SEMI-PRIVATE TRAINING: 2-3 participants:1 trainerKettleBell push ups

If you’re more comfortable working with just a couple of other participants, are not quite ready for a group setting, or need a little extra expertise. Then Semi-Private Training is the perfect option. In the SPT setting you get the best of both worlds – the support of your fellow participants and highly individualized attention.

35% less than the cost of private training
Condition in a small group while addressing individual needs
Build relationships, share accountability and enhance performance with your teammates