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If you?re finding the day drags on and you drag through it, you may need exercise and a healthier life style. You?ll find a Fairfield fitness facility can help you change your life in a positive way and in the process, become healthier and more attractive. Staying fit is difficult in today’s world. There are so many time saving machines that do the work for you and so many demanding tasks that at the end of the day, you find you?re exhausted even though you barely moved throughout the day.

Your body needs activity to maintain strength and function properly. A sedentary lifestyle doesn’t offer that option. Rather than chopping wood in the morning to stoke the fire, you?re fighting traffic congestion on the way to work. Your body rams up in preparation for a stressful task, expecting to produce a burst of energy, but it never happens. This builds stress and stress causes harm to every system in your body. The only way to release the pent up stress is by physical activity, which simply doesn’t occur in most people’s lives.

Physical activity and exercise can do so much for you both mentally and physically. A consistent exercise program at any of the Fairfield, New Jersey facilities can improve both your outlook on life and your physical condition. Exercise offers the following benefits.

  • Exercise improves your mood: Not only does exercise help you eliminate the stresses of the day, it also causes the body to produce chemicals that act as a natural mood elevator.
  • Exercise tones your body and makes you healthier: The obvious part of the statement is that exercise tones the body, however, in doing so, you also reap huge health benefits too. Scientific studies show that people who exercise reduce the risk of many serious conditions and diseases, such as diabetes or cardiovascular disease. Those benefits don’t stop when you age. In fact, women past menopause that do weight bearing exercise help prevent osteoporosis.
  • Exercise boosts your confidence: When you look better, you feel better and more confident. However, feeling better and stronger also increases your confidence.
  • Exercise improves your alertness and ability to react quickly when necessary. Exercising aids in blood flow to the brain and other physiological changes that can improve your focus and reaction time.
  • Exercise enhances your sexual drive: Simply feeling good and healthy is one reason you?ll feel more like participating. However, the results of exercise can also make you feel more attractive, which is another boost in the sexuality department.
  • One of the Fairfield fitness areas can help you to achieve your goals for a healthier life with more vitality and energy. After a few weeks of training, you?ll begin to notice the difference. You?ll not only feel better but also find you are far more positive and less stressed. However, only you can make the difference when it comes to your fitness. No matter how much help one of the Fairfield, New Jersey gyms offers, you must be willing to make the commitment to fitness work.

    “Having Jose at Prime Performance to keep me motivated and on the right path has made all the difference”
    I have been at Prime Performance for about 6 months now and I only wish I found this place sooner. Jose Ramos, owner and trainer, is extremely knowledgeable and really knows how to motivate you. His experience and emphasis on learning proper form has helped me to become stronger and push my body and mind to its limit. The workouts are never boring and the environment just makes it a great place to be in. From Olympic lifts to core and cardio work, Prime Performance has been a great experience for me and I would recommend it to anyone.

    Eryk Urrego

    “I wish I had found Prime sooner!”

    As a physical therapist I have to say I am very pleased with Prime Performance. Jose is knowledgeable in regards to fitness and puts great emphasis on form for optimal performance but also for the safety of clients. The classes are small allowing for more personal attention. All the workouts have different levels and modifications so that a beginner to athlete can participate…no one is left behind!! The workouts change every month, allowing your body to progress within the month, followed by new physical challenges for the next month. As someone who HATES weight training or anything of the sort, I LOVE the workouts! Kettlebells, TRX, burpees, jump squats, push-ups and the prowler have become my BFF’s LOL!! I have been there for only a month but am definitely feeling stronger. I wish I had found Prime sooner!

    Liliana Palma


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