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No matter what the special occasion, it’s never too early to start improving your appearance. If you have a class reunion coming up in nine months, don’t wait until midnight the night before to start a diet and exercise regimen so you can impress your classmates. A Fairfield fitness center can help you slim down and shape up, while getting healthier at the same time. It doesn’t have to be a class reunion, it might be an impending marriage or simply the holidays that drive you to exercise. It doesn’t matter what your reason for exercise is, you still get all the health benefits right along with it.

That’s the amazing part of working out, you might workout to improve your health, but as a by-product, improve your appearance. If you begin an exercise program to lose weight and look better, you get the health benefits too. In all cases, you?ll also reap the rewards of an improved outlook on life, with more energy, less stress and higher spirits. Even people who dread going to the gym, find they love it once they start exercising. That’s because the body produces endorphins that give a feeling of euphoria and stops the production of stress creating hormones.

A fitness center in Fairfield can also provide you with social interaction. If you think there’s no place to meet new people, think again. Many interesting people attend a gym. Of course, if socialization is what you want, look for gyms that offer extra amenities such as a racquetball or basketball court. You could also take a tour of the facility at the time you?d normally workout, to get a feel for the social atmosphere.

If you’ve tried an exercising before and failed, because of lack of motivation or injury, find a gym that offers more personal services, such as a personal trainer. A personal trainer can help you learn the exercise regimen properly so you avoid injury and help to keep you motivated. You?ll find that when your big event arrives, you?ll be slim, trim and look amazing.

Working out on a regular basis provides many different benefits:

  • Regular exercise can help reduce the risk of several diseases and conditions, such as coronary disease, osteoporosis, arthritis, lung disease, stroke, diabetes and Alzheimer’s.
  • Attending an exercise facility on a regular basis can boost your spirits and self-confidence. You?ll find new tasks aren’t as intimidating, your stress levels drop and your thought processes improve. Several studies show that exercise builds the brain, which is one reason it delays Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Exercising on a regular basis improves your stamina and your energy levels.
  • Exercising on a regular basis makes you healthier, less prone to injury and able to enjoy all that life has to offer.
  • No matter what your occasion, start getting in shape now so you can be at your best when it arrives. A Fairfield fitness center can help you to your goal. However, once your big day arrives, you?ll find you enjoy the new you so much, you?ll want to continue exercising on a regular basis.

    “Prime will push you to achieve your goals...”

    Prime is excellent! I have lost 42 pounds and have gained so much strength. Prime will push you to achieve your goal. Jose is a great coach!

    Brett Braganca

    “I wish I had found Prime sooner!”

    As a physical therapist I have to say I am very pleased with Prime Performance. Jose is knowledgeable in regards to fitness and puts great emphasis on form for optimal performance but also for the safety of clients. The classes are small allowing for more personal attention. All the workouts have different levels and modifications so that a beginner to athlete can participate…no one is left behind!! The workouts change every month, allowing your body to progress within the month, followed by new physical challenges for the next month. As someone who HATES weight training or anything of the sort, I LOVE the workouts! Kettlebells, TRX, burpees, jump squats, push-ups and the prowler have become my BFF’s LOL!! I have been there for only a month but am definitely feeling stronger. I wish I had found Prime sooner!

    Liliana Palma


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