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Kettlebells are one of the fastest growing additions to the exercise scene and with good reason. They give you a complete workout and burn many calories in the process. There are so many reasons to add kettlebell training to your workout, but few gyms have kettlebells and the trained staff to teach you the proper technique. If you try working out with kettlebells on your own, you’re leaving yourself open to a wide potential of injuries. A Clifton kettlebell personal trainer who knows the proper technique can get you off to a good start and provide a variety of workouts to fit your needs.

Kettlebell training is great for losing weight.

Working out with kettlebells is intense. You burn far more calories in a 30-minute period than you would with other types of exercise. While working out with a kettlebell works many areas at once, you also can choose specific exercises that can tone troublesome areas. A personal trainer can create a program designed specifically to fit your needs by improving your overall fitness, helping you tone and build muscle, burning calories and focusing on areas that need work.

Your workouts are shorter when you train with kettlebells.

Kettlebells provide aerobic and anaerobic training. You maximize your exercise time when you workout with kettlebells. You experience intense training that combines strength, flexibility and cardio training all at the same time, which means you don’t have to workout as long to get the same results. You’ll workout several areas of the body at once. Once you know how perform the basic techniques, there’s no need to interrupt your schedule going to the gym and no need to have large pieces of gym equipment as part of your decor. You can store the kettlebells in the closet and workout at home.

You can get more out of personal training than simply learning the correct techniques for the kettlebell.

A personal trainer can help you find the right size kettlebell to use both at the beginning and as you progress. If the kettlebell is too heavy or too light, it can be a source of injury because it throws off your form. Trainers also create workout routines specifically designed to be challenging but not impossible. They can provide dietary information if weight loss is your goal and be a huge source of both information and support.
The kettlebells are especially good for people who want to build strength but not bulky muscles.
Kettlebell training increases your range of motion, which helps prevent injury.
You use a different technique with kettlebells than you do with regular weights. A personal trainer can help you with the transition.
Kettlebells work the stabilizing muscles.

“Having Jose at Prime Performance to keep me motivated and on the right path has made all the difference”
I have been at Prime Performance for about 6 months now and I only wish I found this place sooner. Jose Ramos, owner and trainer, is extremely knowledgeable and really knows how to motivate you. His experience and emphasis on learning proper form has helped me to become stronger and push my body and mind to its limit. The workouts are never boring and the environment just makes it a great place to be in. From Olympic lifts to core and cardio work, Prime Performance has been a great experience for me and I would recommend it to anyone.

Eryk Urrego

“I wish I had found Prime sooner!”

As a physical therapist I have to say I am very pleased with Prime Performance. Jose is knowledgeable in regards to fitness and puts great emphasis on form for optimal performance but also for the safety of clients. The classes are small allowing for more personal attention. All the workouts have different levels and modifications so that a beginner to athlete can participate…no one is left behind!! The workouts change every month, allowing your body to progress within the month, followed by new physical challenges for the next month. As someone who HATES weight training or anything of the sort, I LOVE the workouts! Kettlebells, TRX, burpees, jump squats, push-ups and the prowler have become my BFF’s LOL!! I have been there for only a month but am definitely feeling stronger. I wish I had found Prime sooner!

Liliana Palma

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